Learning English methods, tips and ideas for begginners, for all levels

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Here's some tips for learning English or any other new language:

  • If you are totally beginner, you should learn some basics first, then you can focus on more speaking etc. You should know main things like greetings, asking questions, ordering etc. And also from begginning alphabet, subjects, main verbs to use daily life. 

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  • If you want to learn English by yourself, it is possible, believe me, I have leant it by myself. My journey was'nt like more studying, it was like having fun about the culture. Like movies, tv series, musics, books... 

But notice that not everone is same. Should find the best way for yourself. You can try what others suggest, you can search polyglots techniques, and try them. But remember every single person is different, if something is not works for you, it's okay. It's normal, there is no problem about you. You can try another way. To be positive is good for you, if you have have feeling about studying, or for yourself, you may not want to study or you may close yourself to learing.

  • Do mistakes! :) Do not try to be perfect, say it loud, ' I am a person, I can make mistakes, every peeople do mistakes even natives too. We are human we will always do mistakes in life do not try to be perfect.

For language, if you're obsessive about to be perfect, learning can be rough for you. You are learning so you don't know eerything or you can forget something, if you hate it you may not want to study, and you may not enjoying studying. I think it is esencial to enjoy for long term studying and improving.

  • Speaking of enjoying the learning journey, think about yourself, what do I like to do in life? For ex. do you like to listening to music, then you can try listen english song. If you like doing thing with people, if you like be social, you can try to find a way to be social while you learning. You may use apps for talking, you can research activities for learners. 
  • Try to do something in English. You may be really busy, but you have breakfast right? Instead of just preparing and eating it, you can listen a podcast or a song. Don't be nervous about to be more productivity, if you think like, 'I should study hard, if I can't i won't.' Sometimes I had this kind of excuse too. Instead of doing nothing, you can do some basics. Belive me, time pases, instead of doing nothing for a long time, just do something. It will imrove you long term.

I have more tips actually, but like I said, they are my experience, and the article is already long. :) I can write about it in a new arcticle. I hope you enjoy learning and try your best. :)

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