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As many kids or adults out there, at some point, you found yourself thinking what does this"word" or that "sentence" means. It can be a movie, a book, a friend, an expression, something that we are missing that is not enabling us to connect and feel part of it.    Learn a new language is like a super-power, and I believe this is a unique chance for humankind to connect.

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Nowadays, everyone wants fast results and wants to learn fast, so they can keep up with the society rhythm. Indeed, it's important that we have progress while learning, but more important is that this "learning" is sustainable and consolidated upon a ground that can lead to amazing achievements in the future.

We need to acknowledge that learning a new language is not easy, and it requires our commitment patience and motivation to keep up even when it seems almost impossible to understand. The younger generations are eager to learn leveraging technology, and there are plenty of ways to motivate them in that sense.

Aprender inglés es de esas cosas que todo el mundo tarde o temprano tiene que hacer y aunque se incluya dentro de la enseñanza obligatoria es normal recurrir a profesores particulares o academias para...

As teachers, we must understand the tools available to meet our students needs and equip them with a blended approach, so they can progress not only in the specific subject that we expect them to learn but to become proactive and curious.

As teachers, we are inclined to say that students are lazy, and they don't want to learn more than the expected for the "business as usual". Ask yourself the question:  "Would I be a student of myself and willing to learn with my current ways of teaching?"

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