How to teach CVC words to children. A few simple yet effective ideas.

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What are CVC words?

Words that follow the consonant-vowel-consonant pattern, e.g. cat, hat, mat, etc. These are the first words to be read in English by a child. Let's talk about how we can teach them.

I have activities with images when I first introduce my students to CVC words. That's what the kids need and I'll gradually take the pictures away only after they learn to segment and blend sounds in CVC words. When I prepare a CVC reading course, I always include images at the beginning.

Some examples of CVC word activities are given below. Children get an image that will guide them, and the word has the last two sounds. Kids must choose the correct initial sound using their knowledge of the letter sounds and the letters up there. In other words, young readers must have phonological awareness skills and be able to recognise individual sounds in words. The vowel sound, the final consonant sound may also be omitted or the letters to choose from can be added to make the task tougher.


Plasticine is awesome because it is tactile and its texture and color attract children's attention. I recommend you that you try moulding words. Kids must segment all the three-letter sounds (pronounce them individually)  and then blend them together to form a word. This includes practice, practice, practice!  Touch every letter to pronounce the sound and then run your finger through the word, blending the sounds together. I hope that you now have some ideas about how to move forward with English reading

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