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Mi experiencia con Bruno fue esencial para lograr un destacado puntaje de 720 en el GMAT. En 4 meses, superé desafíos en quant y verbal gracias a su guía adaptativa y explicaciones claras. A pesar de...
Mi experiencia con Bruno fue esencial para lograr un destacado puntaje de 720 en el GMAT. En 4 meses, superé desafíos e...
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GMAT: Tutor with V47 Q51 780 Score. Learn with the Best!

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Embark on a journey to GMAT excellence with me, where our destination is not just success, but the coveted realm of the **th percentile—where top achievers thrive.

I'm Bruno Rodriguez, committed to elevating your success beyond traditional methods.

Uncover the benefits of my exclusive program:

- Deepen your grasp of every assessed concept.
- Master the GMAT by thinking like its creators.
- Hone precision in problem-solving.
- Strategically approach the toughest questions.
- Optimize CAT timing for peak performance.
- Develop skills for MBA excellence.
- I'm more than a tutor; I'm your success partner. Striving to be the leading GMAT Tutor in Europe and Latin America, my triumph is in molding YOU into the BEST.

Determined to stand out and secure admission to premier business schools? Let's take the next step. Contact me now, and let's transform your future together.

(Rates available below)

Remember, only someone who has conquered the GMAT can guide you to triumph over it.

Unlock GMAT success with Bruno Rodriguez, a GMAT victor and renowned educator.

Hourly: $35/h
10-hour Package: $33/h
20-hour Package: $31/h
30-hour Package: $29/h
40-hour Package: $27/h
50-hour Package: $25/h
**-hour Package: $23/h

Rates by Modules (Duration: Tailored until Mastery):
- ALGEBRA $700

Rates by Sections (Duration: Tailored until Mastery):

COMPLETE COURSE (Duration: Tailored until Mastery, Maximum 6 Months): $4000

Inquire about group lessons and special rates. Master the GMAT with Bruno.
19 valoraciones de alumnos y ex-alumnos de Bruno
Lucia y otras 18 personas recomiendan a Bruno
Mi experiencia con Bruno fue esencial para lograr un destacado puntaje de 720 en el GMAT. En 4 meses, superé desafíos en quant y verbal gracias a su guía adaptativa y explicaciones claras. A pesar de trabajar a tiempo completo en Madrid, Bruno entendió la presión y me ayudó a equilibrar todo, incluso tomándome el último mes de vacaciones para concentrarme en el examen. Su enfoque no solo se centró en números, sino también en estrategia y confianza. Aprendí a trabajar de manera inteligente, marcando la diferencia. Si estás considerando el GMAT, Bruno, con su enfoque amigable y experto, es el tutor que comprende tus desafíos y te acerca a tus metas. Gracias a él, no solo abrí puertas con mi puntaje, sino que también gané una nueva perspectiva para enfrentar desafíos. Estoy segura de que si yo pude, tú también puedes. ¡Animo a todos a elegir a Bruno como su tutor para la preparación del GMAT!
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Jaqueline C.
Bruno is a great GMAT teacher...but I would best define him as a trainer or as a coach. He not only shows you how to take the test but also knows how the GMAT operates inside out. I loved having Bruno as my GMAT teacher: he was extremely helpful and fun to work with. He definitely helped me to achieve great results since I scored a 98th percentile in the GMAT verbal section and a 94th percentile in the quantitative section.
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I have now been a tutee of Bruno for almost five months. He spent the first two months covering all quant and verbal topics with me. Bruno believes in the importance of addressing fundamental understanding of each topic first. He explained the basic concepts clearly. He supported his explanations by performing questions during the lesson, gradually raising their difficulty level. Bruno also had other questions on hand to share for homework which was helpful. Feeling assured that I had grasped and was able to apply most of the concepts, I was encouraged to attempt the questions from the Official Guide and the GMAT trial papers. Bruno is happy to take any questions I may have from my practice. He looks at the questions and prepares his explanations even before the lesson. When I need something to be explained again, he does so patiently. Besides teaching how to look out for specific keywords, apply certain rules and solve the questions, Bruno also offers techniques on time-management. Hi
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