Being a Native Teacher - Pros and Cons in another country

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Is there more pros than cons being a person who speaks English in a native way in another countryTo know about the answer, continue reading.....

A person who arrives at another country to teach people his/her native language it can be easy or it can be complicated. It depends on if she/he knows the language of the country in which he/she lives. This will depend on how classes can be given.

A teacher that doesn´t control the language spoken, it can be seen in two different ways. On one hand, the students only have one way of communicating or listening, and that is in English. That way, the time in class is only in the English. So, it may be like going to a foreign country and there is no other way to put all your senses on to keep up and to try to understand evey single thing. On the other hand, the disadvantage  is that, the teacher, not having a basic-level of the language spoken may not be able to give a perfect meaning of a suitable- word in case of the question: " How do you say XXXX in English? 

A teacher who controls the spoken language may be easier, being the other way as the mentioned on the second paragraph. The disadvantage, in a personal view, students disconnect more or don´t have there senses activated as they have to do as mentioned in the first case. This two - way communication helps them learn faster, but not with the same attention.

And, its not even that, a teacher has to have other skills and manage many situations. An English teacher can find complicated situations; for example, lack of attitude on the part of the student, etc. So, it depends on each kind of individual and how the teacher manages this, sometimes inclusive being really frustrating.

So, from the point of my view, there are many pros and cons being a native teacher. You are very satisfied when you see results, but on the other hand many situations can appear. It really depends on how you handle your emotional inteligence.








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